1,700 businesses signed credit contracts with banks

By T.D |

(QNO) - According to the State Bank of Viet Nam- Quang Nam branch, commercial banks and nearly 1,700 enterprises in the province signed credit contracts with over 11,116 billion VND total debt balance, seized 69.46% of  the gross economic debt value. Among them, total debit balance of the agricultural, forestry and  fishery enterprises seized 4.41%, industrial business seized 48.52%, commercial and service enterprises seized  39.28% and 8.60% for others trading firms.

The credit growth in early months of this year is not high. Although the commercial banks carried out many ways such as : checking and restructuring the tenure as well as decreasing loan interest rate for enterprises, the current bad debt reached 1,586 billion VND, seized 7.29% of the above total debt balance. 

By T.D