28 projects invested in Northern Chu Lai Industrial Zones


(QNO) - After 7 years of operation, the Northern Chu Lai and Tam Thang Industrial Zones have attracted 32 investment projects with 170 million USD from foreign direct investment (FDI) and 5,000 billion VND from domestic capital.

Workers in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.
Workers in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.

Northern Chu Lai Industrial Zone- an important functional region of Chu Lai Open Economic Zone attracted 28 projects with a registered capital of 5,500 billion VND, disbursement of 3,500 billion VND. Remarkably, Chu Lai Float Glass Factory (Chu Lai Float Glass Join Stock Company) with a capital of 1,800 billion VND and a capacity of 900 tons a day mainly uses local materials for production.

At present, the ratio of fulfillment in Northern Chu Lai Industrial Zone is over 96%. Its industrial production value in 2015 reached 6,600 billion VND. It provides jobs to more than 6,000 labourers.