4th Annual Conference between Nam Giang district and Dak Cheung district


(QNO) - On December 14, the 4th Annual Conference between Nam Giang district (Quang Nam province, Vietnnam) and Dak Cheung district (Sekong Province, Laos) officially took place in Nam Giang district with many important contents.

Conference overview. Photo:QRT
Conference overview. Photo:QRT

At the meeting, high level delegates of two countries appreciated 8 pairs of twin hamlets and clusters along the boundary. Thereby the illegal cultivation and encroachment have disappeared; illegal exploitation of forest products in adjacent areas has been prevented and repelled; cultural and art performance exchange programs between the ethnic minorities in Nam Giang and Laos have been organized on traditional holidays of the two countries.

Fulfilling the MOU at the 3rd annual conference, the two districts closely cooperated in patrolling and protecting the borderline of landmarks, national border security and sovereignty. Nam Giang district also provided 500 million VND for ethnic groups in 8 hamlets next to the border of Laos to develop cattle raising and change cultivation and production practices. In addition, over the past years, associations and organizations of Nam Giang district has visited and given gifts, done medical examination and distributed medicine for hundreds of officials and people of Dak Cheung district.