5-year anniversary of Cham Island (Hoi An) recognized as the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO


(QNO) - Many interesting sports and cultural activities will be held  from 20-27 May 2014 in Tan Hiep island commune (Hoi An city) to commemorate 5 years of Cham Island recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve  by UNESCO (26 May 2009).

On this occasion, the Hoi An city’s leaders will take part in a friendly meeting with people who have participated well in the process of preserving and promoting the values of this World Biosphere Reserve. Hoi An city will organize exhibitions and communications activities to introduce to tourists about the potentials, values and advantages of Cham Island. Some conferences on sea preservation, controlling Biosphere Reserves and developing sea tourism…will be held in Hoi An city, too.

Cham island’s residents will participate in some activities to protect environment and heritages such as gifting tourists handbags (instead of using nylon bags), restoring coral reefs, opening (Reest) rest-stops on the island and some tourism products… Some sports and cultural events will be organized in two days 23 and 24 May in the “Fishermen and Cham Island” Week.