A gaur appeared in mountainous zone of Quang Nam province


(QNO) - Quang Nam relevant departments have officially informed that the wild animal which appeared in Jo Ngay and Ating communes (Dong Giang District) a few days ago has been confirmed a mature male gaur by VNU Centre for Natural Resources and Environment Studies. This gaur (scientific name Bos gaurus) belongs to the IB group of seriously endangered flora and fauna list.

Gaur’s footprints discovered by a local resident.
Gaur’s footprints discovered by a local resident.

Some support measures have been implemented to keep the rare gaur against the conflict with other species as well as hunting.

Additionally, funding support is needed for the propaganda activities to raise awareness about wildlife protection, for enhanced activities of patrolling, monitoring in the localities where the gaur appeared in order to prevent harm to forest resources in general and wildlife in particular.

A video clip about the gaur appearance recorded in Jo Ngay commune, Dong Giang district.

Currently, some proper solutions should also be launched to help this individual re-enter the gaur herd. There should be proposals of funding and techniques for conservation because the gaur species has not been considered to be in the province.

This gaur individual is currently living in the forest area between Jo Ngay, Ating and Song Kon communes – a buffer zone of Sao La Nature Reserve and Bach Ma National Park.