A Hoi An old woman with a shy smile

(Source: TPO) |

(QNO) - The picture of Mrs Bui Thi Xong- a rower on Hoai river (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) with a shy smile and hands covering her face was chosen for French photographer Réhaln Croquevielle’s  book cover image about Vietnam. He is also the author of this picture.

In 2011, Réhaln Croquevielle came to Hoi An and met Mrs Xong by chance. Talking with her, he knew that she only earned 1 USD a trip by boat. Her family condition was very difficult. Especially, Réhaln found that Mrs Xong has the same birthday  as his. 

Mrs Xong was asked to take her portraits by this young photographer. For shyness and hesitation, she covered her face by her hands, but her brilliant smile still  appeared in her winking eyes. At that time, Mrs Xong did not think that this picture would change her life.

Because of his admiration for Mrs Xong’s  optimism to overcome her age and difficulties, Réhaln chose her picture for his book cover “Viet Nam- Mosaic of Contrasts".

(Source: TPO)