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(QNO) - The Center for Public Administration and Investment Promotion (CPAIP) of Quang Nam province is expected to  support for businesses better when put into operation on 1st February, 2017.  It is the place for businesses to get information relating to investment attraction, investment activities and businesses development in the province.

A meeting to discuss on the establishment of the CPAIP.
A meeting to discuss on the establishment of the CPAIP.

Since 2015 through the website “http://htdn.ipaquangnam.gov.vn”, the provincial Board of Investment Promotion and Business Support has quickly and exactly answered thousands of the questions of the investment, production and trade here.  

According to the leaders of the Quang Nam’s CPAIP, business supporting department of the CPAIP will be responsible for printed materials and other documents for investment promotion, controlling and running the trade information webpage, acting as a counselor for businesses. The Quang Nam’s CPAIP will focus on administrative procedure reform; building a modern, professional, dynamic and responsible administration.