A new communicational programme on building new-style rural areas in Quang Nam


(QNO) - A UNESCO Hanoi Office’s delegation visited Quang Nam from 16th to 21st March 2015 and worked with  Quang Nam provincial  Coordinating Office of the new-style rural areas buiiding programme to implement the communicational programmes on cultural development and building new-style rural areas.

According to a report signed by the two sides, UNESCO Hanoi Office will support finance and facilities to develop community activities to raise up the role of the cultural and communicational villages in Quang Nam province. It’s a  part of the UNESCO’s  supporting programme to build new-style rural areas in this Central province. It is expected this programme will help to link inhabitant communities together in the process of building new-style rural areas.

In the first phase, three localities:  Triem Tay Ancient village (Dien Phuong commmune, Dien Ban district), ethnic minority villages of Lang commune (Tay Giang district) and re-settled village of Tam Dai commune (Phu Ninh district) will be chosen to implement this programme.

“ Quang Nam province has proposed some plans to carry out this programme, such as: implementing the communication programme through local radio and TV stations network, organising further training  classes to raise up the knowledge on building new-style rural areas for local communicators, strengthening the contents about building new-style rural areas in Vietnamese and Catu languages, launching a writing contest on building new-style rural areas movement in localities through Nongthonmoi.net portal …,” said Mrs Pham thi Ngoc Quyen, Deputy director of Quang Nam provincial Department of Information and Communications.

The  UNESCO Hanoi Office’s delegation came to 3 above villages to survey and receive ideas from local residents before implementing the programme.