A pilot training centre to be built in Chu Lai Airport


(QNO) - A flight training centre will be established at Chu Lai Airport (Quang Nam Province) with the target of training 300 pilots/ year by 2020.

This is one of aeronautical projects signed between Viet Nam and New Zealand on the official visit of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to Vietnam from November 14th to 17th.

Eagle Flight Training (EFT) of the Aviation School of New Zealand signed a commercial co-operation contract with Viet Nam's Aerospace Engineering Services Joint Stock Company (AESC) on November 15th to establish a flight training centre in Chu Lai Airport (Quang Nam province).

Also on November 15th, 4 bilateral trade agreements were signed by Global Trustmark Alliance – AsureQuality - Vinamilk; International Airlines – Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM); International Airlines - Vietnam Aviation Academy and New Zealand Aviation Association – Vietjet Air Corporation. These agreements are on establishing, expanding flight route network, developing infrastructure, training air traffic running, cooperating and sharing air safe and security…

The Aviation School of New Zealand will take on training pilots, providing the teaching staff and certificating. Viet Nam's Aerospace Engineering Services Joint Stock Company (AESC) is responsible for aircraft maintenance as well as training aviation technicians.

This project aims to provide flight and ground training for basic private pilot license to more than 300 students per year by 2020 in Vietnam. Qualified candidates will then go to New Zealand for commercial pilot training (civilian).

Vietnam hasn’t any civil aviation training activities in the country except for Bay Viet centre in Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam also lacks teaching staff as well as qualified specialists. All students have to go abroad for expensive flight training of unequal coaching quality.

CEO of AESC Tran Hai Dang said the company would take charge of marketing and enrolment activities. "Our target market is not only Viet Nam, but also students from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar," he said.

According to Vietnam Airlines, the cost of training a pilot with the basic level reaches 1.9 billion VND in 24 months.