A Western couple and a fashion shop with the dogs protection logo


(QNO) - Taking the pet dog as their shop mascot and brand logo, the Australian couple Jennie and John Wals create fashion products of cotton which has its own mark in Hoi An (Quang Nam).

This is the first time for Anna, an Australian tourist, to travel to Hoi An. In addition to the new experiences in a cultural tourism city in a tropical country, she has expressed her interests in the fashion shop owned by her compatriot  beside Hoi An Market. Impressed by its name and the logo symbol of a black dog, Anna curiously comes in to see the products.

Fashion clothes with Vietnamese patterns attract Western tourists. Photo: Diep Sa.
Vietnamese patterned clothes  attract Western tourists. Photo: Diep Sa.

Anna has selected and quickly decided to buy skirts, bikinis, scarves, bags with popular style but sophisticated colors and patterns. “These clothes are very friendly to tourists because of their styles, design tastes and comfortable cotton materials. However, I’m interested in art prints on the products which bring fresh feelings to users”, she said. According to Anna, the price here is quite cheap compared to its quality. After many fittings, Thu Phuong (27 years old, Hanoi) has also found a one-million VND long  cerulean dress suited to her skin and stature. Phuong said that the clothing and dress styles in this fashion shop are quite flexible, comfortable, and suit to travelers. "Cotton isn’t suitable for luxurious places but for walking, entertainments as well as brings a youthful and personalized appearance to its wearers", Thu Phuong commented. However, her most impressing things are its name in Vietnamese meaning "too peppery" and the black dog image in the logo. Phuong said: "Are dogs and hot taste related to fashion? At first, I thought it was a dog meat restaurant when I saw it from a distance. I was so curious that I had to ask the staff and know that Chili is the bosses’ dog. It's exciting!"

Skirts, scarves, hats, bags…designed in a set, from 400,000 to 1,000,000 VND each. Photo: Diep Sa
Skirts, scarves, hats, bags…designed in sets, from 400,000 to 1,000,000 VND each. Photo: Diep Sa

Welcoming hundreds of arrivals in daily average, the two fashion shops in Hoi An Ancient Town are more and more known by domestic and international visitors. In recent days, Mrs. Jennie Walsh, the owner and designer is busy opening a new shop in Nha Trang. A few minutes sharing with Zing.vn, she said that she and her husband want their fashion products to be well received across the country through their shop chain. At the same time, the image of their family pet – the 5-year-old dog Chili is taken as their shops’ mascot and logo with the message: “Dogs are a precious livestock and should be protected." Mrs. Jennie told their fated fashion business story in Vietnam. Inherently loving tourism, they often go backpacking together to many countries with a lot of scenic places in the world. However, the couple was attracted to the ancient beauty and the peaceful lifestyle in Hoi An Ancient Town. As fashion designers and businessmen in Australia before moving to Vietnam, Jennie and John have applied the art print fashion technology to 100% cotton fabric in Vietnam. "Thanks to the preferential policies from the government of Vietnam, we decided to establish a fashion business and production company in Quang Nam (We have a business) were licensed  in 50 years," Ms Jennie shared.

Chili, a dog with 5 years old, lovingly chosen as the mascot for the fashion brand to convey messages urging people to love and protect dogs.
Chili, a 5-year-old dog.

Recognizing that Hoi An is an ancient town, attracting large amounts of domestic and oversea tourists to visit every day, with  great potential for business in street style fashion, the couple decided to choose Hoi An for their starting business location. After 7 years of successful business, they continue to choose Nha Trang for their fashion brand development. The store has been pretty crowded with customers since its launch in mid-August. "My fashion styles are the designs of natural fiber fabrics, comfortable and suitable for a simple and active lifestyle. It is the Vietnamese patterns on the materials that make customers curious and interested. I synthesize them through our trips to the sites of temples, monuments and sculpture museums, so on, then I show them on our products. "Jennie said.

Besides their business, the couples Jennie and John Walsh also enjoy traveling and explore cultural regions in Vietnam.
Besides their business, the couple Jennie and John Walsh also enjoy traveling and explore cultural regions in Vietnam.

Because the fashion products are for both Vietnamese and Western customers, the designers should continually update new designs to suit customers’ hobbies. There are many sizes, from 2XS to 3XL, for multiple choosing. The price, from 400,000 to 1 million VND, is consistent with the numerous locals as well as worldwide tourists in Hoi An. "This is really the best price for the tourists loving fashion with good quality, unique designs and artistic styles", Samuel J., a Mexican  student  in designing field said after his purchase. After 7 years of business, the Australian couple has their traditional customers and more new ones. For future business plans, they express their desire to grow the chain to two major cities, Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, Jennie and John Walsh are also loved by many young fashion businesses in Hoi An because they are so sociable, friendly, compassionate and essential humanity. "I still remember the flood in 2011. When water reached the steps, many stores were flooded, they had to unload their goods miserably Jennie and John were still very optimistic, even amused their staff, cleaned the shop and overcome difficulties together. It is really worth learning personalities! "Hoai, an employee at the store said.