Agricultural projects calling for FDI over the period 2016 - 2020


(QNO) - Reported from the Quang Nam People’s Committee, there are 6 new provincial agricultural projects prior to calling for foreign direct investment (FDI) over the 2016-2020 period.

A farmer in Thang Binh district. Photo: baoquangnam
A farmer in Thang Binh district.

They include building aquatic products processing plants over 12ha in Tam Quang (Nui Thanh district) with  a total investment of 10 million USD and 6ha with 10 million USD in Duy Nghia (Duy Xuyen district); a 14.5ha center for domesticating and seeding brackish and salt-water species with 5 million USD in Thang Binh district; infrastructure  and  technology transfer to fishing shipbuilding plants with 50 million USD covering an area of 10ha in Nui Thanh district; a hi-tech agricultural park  covering an area of 180-200ha with 100 million USD between Phu Ninh district and Tam Ky city; a farm for hi-tech intensive cow raising and related products processing over 450ha with 150 million USD in Dai Loc district.

At present , seven FDI agricultural projects are deployed in Quang Nam province consisting of the plants of pet food processing, wood processing, super-lean pigs raising; Shaiyo Triple A wood processing; Thai Viet super-lean pigs raising; wheat flour, instant noodles, pet food, rice vermicelli, aquatic food production; Chochin cage net and other types of net serving in aquaculture