Aircraft maintenance and repair center project calls for investment

By T.D |

The above project has officially been listed as one of the priority projects to call for investment in the 2013 – 2023 period by Chu Lai Open Economic Zone (OEZ) Authority. The total investment capital for the project is around one billion USD, in an area of  300ha of two communes Tam Quang and Tam Nghia (Núi Thành district). The investors can choose investment forms with 100%  foreign investor’s capital, Joint-venture or domestic investment.

This significant project will create favorable conditions to develop the Chu Lai OEZ, therefore, it will be submitted to the government to be granted the highest preferential policies. In addition, the investors will be given an enterprise income tax rate of 10% within 10 years, enterprise income tax exemption in 4years and a 50% reduction in 9 following years.

Besides, all imported objects to create  fixed assets will be exempted from import tax; all imported raw materials, equipments and instrument (which have not been produced yet in Vietnam) for production will be exempted from import tax in first 5 years and a reduction of  50% of individual income tax for individuals whose monthly income reaches the levels of paying tax.

By T.D