Aircraft repair services in Chu Lai Industrial Zone

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(QNO) - Quang Nam People’s Committee petitioned the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam (MoT) to list some projects on the medium term investment in the period of 2016-2020, especially to upgrade Chu Lai airport to an entrepôt port and a place to provide aircraft repair services in Southeast Asia. As planned, Chu Lai airport can become Chu Lai International Airport with 4F standard.

Chu Lai International Airport.
Chu Lai International Airport.

Chu Lai Airport will be an  entrepôt center with  a capacity of 5 million tons of goods and 4.1 arrivals per year by 2025. Reportedly, MoT has already agreed with the provincial suggestion of  synchronously upgrading all the technical  infrastructure   inside and outside the airport; widening the connection of international and domestic air traffic; looking for investors for Chu Lai entrepôt port. Reportedly, Thien Tan Goup is forming investment project to upgrade and widen Chu Lai airport.