An American loves Vietnam beaches


(QNO) - Brian James - an American teacher at an English language Center in district 7, Ho Chi Minh city -  often spends his spare time cleaning up the beaches.

On recent Vietnam National Day (2nd September), at Cua Dai beach ( Hoi An city, Quang Nam), visitors and local residents could not help being curious about a foreigner with a metal detector in his hand. While people bathing and playing, he was quietly going along the beach looking for bottle caps, metal shells by a metal detector and put them into the trashcan.

Brian looks older than his age of 35 with his big figure and long bushy beard. Under the burning hot sun, Brian James despite being dripping with sweat still smiled and spoke (Vietnamese with) to tourists about his strange job.

Brian James at Cua Dai beach.
Brian James at Cua Dai beach.

Brian James said that he has worked in Viet Nam for nearly 4 years and more and more loves the country and people of Vietnam. A few years ago, he was injured because of a sharp piece of tin can buried under the sand that someone had thrown away after use. (After that,) Since then, he has been determined to clean up the beaches where he visits. His mother from the US approved of this work by a metal detector that always accompanies him while travelling. Diligently and quietly, Brian James said that he has visited and cleaned up many beautiful beaches in Vietnam such as Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Mui Ne, Da Nang… This is the third times he has come back to collect rubbish at Cua Dai beach. From the early morning to midday, James collected a full bucket of tin  cans and caps buried. Taking an afternoon nap after his lunch with a loaf of bread and a bottle of mineral water, he continued his work on the beach.

Many people curiously asked if he was looking for goldor jewels. He shook his head: “I just do it for fun. I love Vietnam’s beaches where I visit. Hope that people will be more aware of environment protection and no one gets hurts any more because of tin cans and metal caps.”

“To me, cleaning up the beaches and reducing the risk for tourists is great fun. I don’t mind what people whisper and comment but just wish for the clean and safe beaches”, Brian James said.

Many visitors help this American man dig and collect garbage. Brian James readily gives the metal detector with the headphones to visitors, so they can experience detecting and seeking  wasted materials.

All people have fun, talk to each other more about interesting things of the own country and people. Speaking fluent Vietnamese, Brian James always smiles and starts a conversation with local people, tourists to explain, propagandize the harmful effects of littering, especially the bottle caps and cans to those who tread on it, especially to children.

Ending his holidays in Hoi An, Brian James said that he would fly into Ho Chi Minh city for his teaching job. He has also planned for his next weekends, national holidays at the beaches with the familiar metal detector.