Asian Black Bear discovered in Truong Son mountain range


(QNO) - Quang Nam provincial forest preservation and safeguarding force has recently discovered an individual Asian black bear  (scientific name of ursus thibetanus) in Truong Son forest by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) camera trap.

A Asian black bear in Truong Son forest taken by the WWF camera trap –Photo: T.H
A Asian black bear in Truong Son forest taken by the WWF camera trap –Photo: T.H

According to an announcement of the WWF, an individual Asian black bear was recorded by camera trap in June 2014 in Truong Son forest (in Dong Giang and Tay Giang districts of Quang Nam province). It’s valued as a great success of the local conservation activity.

The first individual Asian black bear was also taken by the WWF camera trap in December 2012  after a system of camera was set up to record the daily life of important wild animals in two provinces Quang Nam and Thua Thien-Hue to value the effect of the  preservation methods which were applied in  the Carbon & Biodiversity Project (CarBi).

Asian black bear is listed in the Red Book of  the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUNC). The Vietnamese government also issued a Decree on preventing all acts of hunting, keeping, selling and buying Asian black bear

According to Mrs Le Thuy Anh, an officer of the  WWF in Vietnam,  among more than 12,000, many  precious wild animal were recorded such as Java Rhino, Muntjac, Chamoi, Truong Son Striped Rabbit (Nesolagus timminsi) , Asian Black Bear, Sao La (Pseudoryx Nghetinhensis).

“The  natural forest illegal exploitation are very   dangerous for the life of rare and precious wild animals. Beside the help of regional and  international organisations,  the local authorities must have good solutions to preserve and safeguard the forest,” said Mrs Anh.

In past years, the Vietnamese government  issued many regulations to preserve and safeguard the forests and rare and valuable animals. Beside using cameras to record the traces of wild animals for the WWF’s forest prersevation, the forest management forces frequently patrolled to prevent illegal forest exploitation and hunting for wild animals.

 The projects and programmes funded by the WWF and other international organisations are helping Quang Nam provincial residents to protect forest as well as create sustainable life for local communities.