Bettering Quang Nam


(QNO) - Talking to QuangNam Newspaper on the occasion of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2018, Secretary of the Quang Nam provincial Party Committee Nguyen Ngoc Quang believed in Quang Nam provincial authorities' and people's determination to raise the local position, make it develop quickly and sustainably.

Secretary Nguyen Ngoc Quang
Secretary Nguyen Ngoc Quang

According to Quang, Quang Nam province has created a new position and force in the new period of development. From a poor province facing a lot of difficulties, Quang Nam becomes a relatively developed province. It was one of the cities and provinces nationwide regulating their budget to the Central Government in 2017. Last year, the first Quang Nam Investment Promotion Conference was organised after 20 years of establishment, attracting leading investors and businesses at home and abroad with 32 projects with a total registered capital of 16 billion USD. From the view of the conference, a development strategy of the province was formed. It focuses on the key projects and breakthrough fields such as mechanism, tourism, auto, garment and textile, gas, support industry and improvement of investment climate. Investors realize the long development potential of Quang Nam land.

Quang Nam province continues to carry out three breakthrough tasks for the local socio-economic development and residents' income improvement. They include synchronous infrastructure development, human resource training and investment climate improvement, innovation of provincial growth model.