Building farm and domestic poultry processing investment project encouraged

By B.N |

(QNO) - This 30-35 million USD of total investing capital project was approved by the provincial People’s Committee to be on the list of the priority opportunity project to call for investment.

All investor who have financial capacity and experience in the field of breeding domestic poultry for egg and processing products from chicken egg can take part in this project and choose the investment form of FDI or joint-venture. The operating duration is 50 years on a 15-20 ha area. The project’s scheme research scope is rural districts of Quang Nam province.

The investors will be granted preferential and incentive policy on rural and agricultural investment, exempted land rental expenditure for the land area to build common houses for workers, growing trees and building public welfare constructions. The tax rate is 15% in 12 years, the enterprise income tax will be exempted in the first 3 years and a 50% reduction for the following 4 years and the import tax for equipments and machines to create fixed assets will be exempted.

By B.N