Building industrial infrastructure in Chu Lai


(QNO) - In the past 7 years, Cizidco company (the investor of Northern Chu Lai and Tam Thang industrial zones) attracted 32  projects with 170 million USD of foreign direct investment (FDI) and over 5,000 billion VND from domestic capital.

Chu Lai trademark

Cizidco Co. has provided a dynamic industrial infrastructure, making a considerable contribution to the success of Chu Lai  Open Economic Zone (COEZ). Until now, Northern Chu Lai Industrial Zone (IZ) has attracted 28 projects with a total capital of over 5,500 billion VND; over 3,500 billion VND from these projects has been invested. Chu Lai Float Glass factory belonging to Chu Lai Float Glass Joint Stock Co.- Indexco is remarkable with a total capital of over 1,800 billion VND  and a capacity of 900 tons per day. In addition, there are many Chu Lai-branded products such as: electronic components of CCI Vietnam Co., Ltd, timber for export of Chu Lai Minh Duong Wood Processing Join Stock Co., handicraft and fine arts of Vinh Gia Co.,Ltd, chemical products for construction of Mapei Co., electric generator, agricultural and fishery mechanics of Huu Toan Join Stock Co., corrosion-resistant steel of Son Ha Co.,…

The fulfillment rate of the Northern Chu Lai IZ is over 96%. In 2015, the value of industrial production reached 6,600 billion VND, export value of 2,300 billion VND, creating opportunities for 6,000 labourers.

Tam Thang’s rebound

Cizidco Co. started to invest into Tam Thang IZ in the end of the year 2014. So far, this IZ has attracted 5 enterprises with a total registered capital of 150 million USD, covering an area of 60ha.  3 of them were licensed with 130 million USD over a 45ha-area. These are large-scaled projects in the fields of garment and textile  including Fashion Garment Co., Duck San Vina, and especially the South Korean Garment and Textile group Panko (with a total capital of 80 million USD over a 33.5ha-area, starting work in July 2015 and expectedly put into operation in the last quarter of the year 2016). Panko group also began its construction of wastewater treatment factory with the capacity of 28,000m3 a day. The first success of Tam Thang IZ can be seen as a strong point of Tam Ky city’s socio-economic development.

Especially, Cizidco Co. has spent an amount of 2,2 billion VND in social security and charity. Cizico trademark is trusted by many international and domestic investors, contributing to the success of the COEZ in particular and in Quang Nam province’s socio-economic development as a whole.