Co Tu food festival


(QNO) - The traditional food festival of Co Tu ethnic minority has just been organised for the first time in Tay Giang district (Quang Nam province). This is a chance for Co Tu women to show their cooking skills. The festival attracted the participation of 11 teams from the communes and small traders clubs in this district.

Four sisters in the small traders club in Agrong hamlet, A Tieng commune. Photo: Bhoriu Quan
Four sisters in the small traders club in Agrong hamlet, A Tieng commune. Photo: Bhoriu Quan

Ms Bhing Thi Dep, leader of Ch’Om team was always very busy, supervising and speeding her team’s members up. She also ran about, took water or whittled cassavas for a zơra dish (grilled in neohouzeaua tubes). She told that though they came from the farthest commune, every woman wanted to try their best to cook beautiful, strange-looking and traditional Co Tu food.

Many people came to this festival, enjoyed the forest products. It is the Co Tu traditional dishes, made from the leaves and trees in Tay Giang forest without spices that are the most impressive. Some dishes fallen into oblivion were also processed for visitors such as: sorlua which is made of thin cassava slices, mixed up a little of rice, cassava leaves, much of water and a little of forest pepper and salt, freshwater snails cooked with black sesame, apuung well-kneaded with banana bud in bamboo tubes and eating with cassava…

Duong Thi Hanh from Da Nang city said surprisedly: “I am very impressive by the dishes cooked by Co Tu women. I like bamboo-tube rice, well-kneaded cassava leaves, dried forest fogs with forest pepper and salt. I hope to have more chances to enjoy these dishes”.

The tourism projects in Tay Giang are stepped up and planned in detail in the Co Tu ethnic minority communities and traditional craft villages. Traditional dishes, besides some other traditional values, are also importantly attached to preservation …