"Continuing to cooperate with Quang Nam to develop human power resource," said Professor Marcus Ingle


(QNO) - On 26 June, Chairman of Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee Le Phuoc Thanh received and warmly talked with Professor Marcus Ingle of Porland University (Oregon state, USA) about the cooperatiom in training and developing high quality human resource for Quang Nam.

Chairman Thanh welcomed and thanked Professor Marcus Ingles for the visit and his helps to Quang Nam province in high quality human resource training in recent years, especially two workshops on management for senior cadres of Quang Nam province. Chairman Thanh expected in coming time, Porland University as well as Professor Marcus Ingles will create favourable conditions for Quang Nam’s staffs and students in studying, researching and post - graduation learning at Porland University.

Professor Marcus Ingles thanked for Chairman Thanh’s warmly reception. He expected  to continue to cooperate better and better with Quang Nam province in training high quality human resource in the future. The cooperation will be focused on some fields such as organise short term workshops on  mannagement, send provincial staffs to  Porland University to study, exchange to raise working capacity for staffs of the Center for high quality human resource development and other departments and units of Quang Nam province.