Cooperation on agricultural and educational development between Tam Ky city and La Mam district (Laos)

By X.PHU |

(QNO) - The  annual conference 2014 between leaders of Tam Ky city (Quang Nam province, Viet Nam) and La Mam district (Sekong province, Laos) was held in Tam Ky on 29 July.

After signing the first annual conference minutes in August 2013, the cooperation between two sides has reached many positive results.  Tam Ky city gave 5-year  scholarships to 3 students from La Nam district for learning at Quang Nam University. Tam Ky also supported La Mam in training cadres, providing seeds to plant and build up agricultural production models.

In the conference, two sides signed annual conference minutes  2014. Accordingly, two localities will continue to cooperate and support each other. Tam Ky city will send experts to La Mam to work in the educational, medical and agricultural fields, continue to grant scholarships to La Mam’s students in Quang Nam. La Mam will grant scholarships to Tam Ky’s cadres for learning Lao language at Champasak University.