Cultural activities in Hoi An city

 QNO |

(QNO) - A series of cultural and tourism activities will be held in Hoi An city on occasion of the 40th anniversary of Southern Liberation and National Reunification Day, the International Labour Day.

Accordingly, the Swallows Festival, an old cultural one in Hoi An city will be organised in Cham Island on April 28th. This festival aims to express the local residents’ gratitude to their ancestors who fathered the swallow’s nest exploiting job. It is also a chance to raise awareness  about protecting the precious natural resources in sea. On this occasion,  4 species of ancient trees on Cham Island will be officially recognized as Viet Nam Heritage Trees.

From April 29th to May 3rd is “The 5th International Choir Competition” with the participation of more than 300 artists from 15 countries’ 40 choir groups. This will be a chance for exchanging music, strengthening the understanding of cultures between nations, the solidarity, friendship and international cooperation.

Especially, the program “Cham Island’s night” - a new tourism product occurring every Saturday, will be first opened on May 2nd. This programme will retrace daily cultural features, lively living space of residents in Cham Island - the world’s biosphere reverse zone. Here, visitors can experience and explore the local cultural beauty.