Delegation from Côtes d'Armor visits Quang Nam province

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(QNO) - Mr. Le Tri Thanh- Vice Chairman of Quang Nam People’s Committee (PC) has just welcomed Mr. Thibaut Guingard- First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Côtes d’Armor department and his delegation at the PC’s Headquarter.

General view of the meeting
General view of the meeting

The visit aimed to summarize the breeding cooperation project, especially the application of veterinary hygiene techniques and breeding processes transferred by the Zoopole Development Advanced Technology Center (ZATC) to Quang Nam agricultural staffs to set up  the safe model of pig farming in Phu Ninh district. On this occasion, Quang Nam proposed the Côtes d’Armor Council to replicate this model, continue supporting the self-contained breeding model including preparing animal breeds, food, products processing, and outputs.

At the meeting, Mr. Thibaut Guingard highly appreciated the good cooperation between Quang Nam and ZATC and the support of the province in promoting the ZATC's breeding technology. He promised to report the proposals and the cooperation intention of Quang Nam to the Council after the trip.

Earlier, Mr. Thibaut Guingard and the delegation had visited the model of pig farming in Phu Ninh district and worked with Quang Nam Department of Agriculture and Rural Development about the project.