Do's attractive art works from bamboo root


(QNO) - Huynh Phuong Do's small shop (in Hoi An market) is very attractive to visitors due to thousands of fascinating statues of Buddha, Phuc - Loc - Tho (Happiness - Windfall - Longevity) and world famous celebrities made from  wood or bamboo roots which appear to be discarded.

Tourists visit Do’s shop.
Tourists visit Do’s shop.

Mr.Do accidentally began the bamboo-root sculpture when he got a bamboo on the river. His first bamboo-root statue was very beautiful and unique so many people wanted to have it.

15 minutes for a finished sculpture with visitors' surprising witness.

Since then, thousands of bamboo-root statues have been born; the latter is more sophisticated than the former. They have been everywhere.

15 minutes for a finished sculpture with visitors' surprising witness.

Do’s talent becomes well-known in Hoi An ancient town. Surprisingly, it takes him only 15 minutes to carve a statue. However, there are also some products that he has to spend 3 or 4 days completing. They are usually artful and placed an order.

There are over 6000 bamboo roots having their new lives thanks to Mr.Do’s hands. They are raw and unvarnished, so they have their own beauties.

7 or 8 years ago, Do’s family was very poor. He had to leave Hoi An for Da Nang, selling banh chung (rice cake) to nourish his ambition of sculpture. Therefore, he understands the difficulties that the poor, especially the poor youths, stood. Since when succeeding in bamboo-root sculpture, he has facilitated business for many poor youths in Hoi An.

Mr.Do revealed his plan to carve statues of Vietnamese historical figures. He also hoped to carve a product of the Bach Dang battle in order to promote Vietnamese images, culture and spirit.