Electricity connected to Cham Islands before April 30th, 2016

By N.K.B |

(QNO) - The project of supplying Cham islands (Quang Nam province) with power from national electricity network started on 9th January 2016 by the Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN).

The project includes 15.48 km of 22 KV submarine cable and 17.2 km of 22KV overhead line, 6 transformer substations of 22/0.4 kV with a total capacity of 900 KVA, 11km of 0.4 KV line and auxiliary items... The project total investment is nearly 485 billion VND, of which 85% from the central budget and 15% from the  Central Power Corporation (VNCPC).

According to Mr Nguyen Duc Anh, director of Hoi An city Power (Quang Nam provincial Power company), after nearly 2 months of hard work, the building units completed 66 concrete foundations, 35 centrifugal concrete pillars inland. The submarine cable has been implemented since 6th March. The EVNCPC will try connecting electricity to 3 electricity transmission stations in Cham islands at the end of March and finish the project before 30 April 2016.

After put into operation, this electricity system will supply stable and safe electricity to production and living of the Cham island’s people, contribute to the local economic development, national security and sea-islands sovereignty consolidation.

By N.K.B