Exhibition " Hoi An - Thanh Hoa: 55 years of twin cities relation"

By N.K.B |

(QNO) - The photos exhibition themed “ Hoi An – Thanh Hoa: 55 years of twinning-construction and development” was opened on 2nd February, 2016 at Thanh Hoa Library (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province).

55 displayed photos generally show the development process of  the two twin cities in the war as well as in peacetime. The exhibition will strengthen Hoi An – Thanh Hoa solidarity, relationship and development.
Earlier, the Thanh Hoa library in Hoi An city  covering an area of nearly 1,400 m2 library was built to mark 55 years of the warm relationship between Hoi An and Thanh Hoa. It has 30,000 copies of history, geography, science, literature and books for kids.

By N.K.B