Financial supports for doctors choose to work in Quang Nam

By Hoang Dien |

(QNO) - According to  a new decision released on 3 March 2014 by the Quang Nam Province’s People’s Committee, all doctors have graduation degree from three Medical universities of Hanoi, HCM City and Hue , post-graduation degrees  or working for other hospital in the country will be received financial and accommodation supports if they choose to work for a long time (from 12-18 years) at the public health facilities  of this province in the period 2013-2015.

Newly graduates with an average and average good diploma  will be given 200 million VND  of financial support;  230 millioan for a good diploma and 250 million for an excellent diploma. All doctors  have higher degrees graduation will be given from 300 million to 500 million VND.

All doctors commit to work at the hospitals and healthcare centers in remote and mountainous districts will be given another financial support of 10% to 40%.  Besides, all doctors recruited will be supported 100 million VND for land transferring charge to build private houses. After two years of working, if they are chosen to train at a higher degree, they will be supported finance and other favourable conditions according to contemporary regulations of Quang Nam province.

By Hoang Dien