Flash flood warning system by M2M technology


(QNO) - On the morning of April 14, the Department of  Information and Communications of Quang Nam organized a workshop on “Flood early warning and monitoring system using M2M and cloud computing technology”. Present at the workshop were Vice Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee Le Van Thanh and many Japanese experts.

M2M machine to machine) and cloud computing technology was first applied in Nam Tra My district to early detection of the flash floods and water level upstream so that people were actively and safely evacuated. From  March 2014-April 2015, the Asia Pacific Telecommunity through the International Cooperation Department (the Ministry of information-communications) surveyed and installed  the warning systems including servers, cloud computings, computers at the stations, specialized softwares, data transmission hardwares, M2M connecting system of water level and rainfall ... According to Japanese experts, this new modern technology helps prevent natural disasters effectively. The main aim of the project is to clarify the relationship between rainfall, harmful effects of deforestation and the risk of flash floods. This high-tech has been very successful inJapan so it can be applied in the mountainous areas of Quang Nam.