For the Quang Nam – Sekong development


(QNO) - The Sekong (Laos) and Quang Nam provincial high-level meeting 2017 was held at Tam Ky city on August 7 to agree the activities for the development of the two provinces.

The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Quang Nam and Sekong provinces was signed.
The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between Quang Nam and Sekong provinces was signed.

Coming to the meeting, the Quang Nam delegation was led by Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Council Nguyen Ngoc Quang; Mr. Khamphoi Butdavieng, Secretary of the Sekong Party Committee and Governor of the Sekong province led the Lao delegation.

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The cooperation and exchanges between Quang Nam and Sekong has been raised strongly and got a lot of significant achievements, contributing to the two provinces’ socio-economic development, national defense and security in the two localities since the high-level meeting 2015.

Especially, in the year of the Vietnam-Laos friendship 2017, the exchanges and cooperation between the two provinces are going on dramatically such as visitation, professional training, sports exchanges, support for working equipment, infrastructure investment among others. Mr. Khamphoi Butdavieng said at the meeting that the achievements in the cooperation have contributed to the strong and close friendship between the two localities. He also expressed his gratitude for the Quang Nam’s great supports for the recent general development of Sekong province.

Chairman of the Quang Nam provincial People's Committee Dinh Van Thu suggested that the two provinces seriously continue the contents of the high-level meeting 2015 and implement the agreements of the meeting 2017 for the development of both Quang Nam and Sekong provinces. Additionally, he expressed his beliefs in the sustainable cooperation between the two provinces.

Coordination in strategic tasks

The high-level meeting 2017 was a meaningful activity, contributing to the friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties, nations and people of Vietnam and Laos in general and between two provinces of Quang Nam and Sekong in particular. The leaders of the two provinces agreed to keep on the contents in previous meetings. In the period of 2017 – 2019, the two parties will focus on the construction of transport infrastructure from Sekong centre to Quang Nam through Nam Giang – Dac Ta Ooc border gate, trying to upgrade this border gate to international gate. At the same time, two provinces also promote the cooperation in trading, tourism and services, contributing to making the East-West Economic Corridor 2 through Nam Giang – Dac Ta Ooc border gate, and ensuring the operation of sub-border gate of Tay Giang - Kalum.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quang, one of the key tasks now is that the two parties should complete the construction of transport system from Sekong province through Nam Giang – Dac Ta Ooc border gate to Quang Nam province and Da Nang city, making the East-West Economic Corridor 2. It is also considered the strategic task, the way of cultural and economic exchanges between the two localities and others.

Sharing the same idea with Secretary Nguyen Ngoc Quang, Mr. Khamphoi Butdavieng said that the route to the Sekong centre will come into operation in 2018; then, the Nam Giang – Dac Ta Ooc border gate will be upgraded into an international border. Besides, he also desired to receive the supports from Quang Nam provinces for investment promotion and businessmen attraction.