Foreign investors believe in Vietnamese government's policy

By Diem Le – Nguyen Duong |

(QNO) - Last weekend, leaders of Quang Nam provincial Confederation of Labour (Quang Nam CL), relevant departments and localities’s authority visited some FDI enterprises (FDIEs) in Quang Nam. Their visits made leaders of the FDIEs more confident in Vietnam government’s policies to continue their production and business.

Production of  FDIEs going on as usual

Mr Dang Van Chuong, Chairman of Quang Nam provincial Confederation of Labour said that  he sent an official note to the Confederation of Labour of 6 districts and relevant departments to ask them to talk with all workers who are working in the FDIEs about the contemporary situation. Mr Chuong expects that all workers will understand and not have illegal behaviors and acts, not to break the law or be incited by bad elements. All workers have to be responsible for protecting the lives and properties of foreign investors, social order and security, local economic development as well as investment environment and government’s external relations policies, particularly the Vietnam’s peaceful policy toward China.

Workers of Nguon Luc Fashion Company Ltd. donate their money to support Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly)
Workers of Nguon Luc Fashion Company Ltd. donate their money to support Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly)

In two days 16 and 17 May, leaders of Quang Nam CL also visited two key industrial zones of Quang Nam: Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc Industrial Zone and Chu Lai Open Industrial Zones where 34 FDIEs are operating and some of them belong to Chinese and Taiwanese investors.

At present time, all production and trade activities of the FDIEs in Quang Nam province still continue as usual. Mr Chuang Ming Wen, Director general of Wei Xern Sin Vietnam (invested by Taiwanese partner), said that up to now, there is no change in production and trade plans.

“In recent days, I have received many regards for my work and life from my friends in Taiwan. They were afraid of a situation like what occurred in Binh Duong and Ha Tinh some days ago. However, I told them that my workers are very good and working well, they have not any illegal acts,” said Mr Fuc Cheung, Director general of Nhu Thanh Garment company.

Mr Jiang ZhiMing, a Chinese investor, Deputy Director general of Viet-Hoa Join-venture company Ltd., is very happy to receive leaders of Quang Nam province to visit his enterprise.

Up to now, 3 enterprises: Nguon Luc Fashion company, Ltd., Con Duong Xanh Quang Nam) Quang Nam One member Co. Ltd. and Uni-President Vietnam Co. Ltd. ( in Dien Nam – Dien Ngoc Industrial Zone)  launched money donation campaigns to support Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly). “It’s the best way to mobilize workers to express their love to the country” said leaders of those enterprises.

“Some days ago, I was really anxious. I did not go out. Now, I am very happy to meet the leaders of Quang Nam CL. There are 8 Chinese people working in my company. It’s very hard for us to respond if there are any excitements. However, my Vietnamese workers are good behaviour people; they have always done their best  to finish all work(s) first, they have not had any illegal acts. I am very happy,” Mr Jiang ZhiMing said.

Intensified measures to resolutely safeguard social order and safety

“When meeting and talking with foreign investors, we explained that there were spontaneous demonstrations by Vietnamese workers and others to oppose China’s illegal placement of its drilling rig HD-981 in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone and violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty. Some bad elements incited workers to break the law and act illegal acts, caused social disorder, destroyed properties of foreign-invested enterprises and harmed safety of foreigners. Most of these saboteurs have been arrested and would be punished under the law… Vietnamese government and people  loves peace. Quang Nam authority will take effective measures to prevent violence and illegal acts to safeguard foreign investors and make foreign investors feel safe in Vietnam,” said Mr Phan Minh A, Vice chairman of Quang Nam CL.

Leaders of Quang Nam provincial Confederation of Labour visit a Chinese enterprise.
Leaders of Quang Nam provincial Confederation of Labour visit a Chinese enterprise.

Many Chinese and Taiwanese  show their beliefs in Quang Nam authority and hope that they will be helped in doing business.

Reportedly, the People Committee of Quang Nam province also required departments, agencies and localities to work together closely to provide necessary assistance for businesses and investors, including those from Taiwan and China, helping them to stabilize their production soon.

The police force of two districts Nui Thanh and Dien Ban are well-prepared for safeguarding social order and safety. “We have done our best to check and control the security situation in our district to protect foreign enterprises and prevent violence and illegal acts of bad elements,” said Colonel Nguyen Duc Tiep, Chief of Nui Thanh Public Security office.

By Diem Le – Nguyen Duong