"Happy New Year 2015" Gala Evening in Hoi An


(QNO) - “Hoi An - Happy New Year 2015” Gala evening

Hoi An was an international seaport in the 17th century where  the business was done at the same time with cultural exchanges among the Westerners, the Japanese and the Chinese. It becomes the cultural characteristic of Hoi An. Thus, the annual New Year festival has become popular with both Westerners and local residents.

This year, the gala will begin from 16:00 on Dec.31st, 2014 to 1:00 on Jan.1st, 2015 on Nguyen Phuc Chu St, Nguyen Hoang St, An Hoi Statues Garden.

The program starts with the Street Food Space done by the famous restaurants and cafes in Hoi An. The stalls are arranged in a nostalgia space and open for visitors at 16:00 until the end of the event.

Some additional performances are from foreign bands, local dancers and Flash Mob from local youth. The audience in the event can mix with young and vibrant spirits in Hoi An.

The next is a fashion show from YALY fashion JSC, which is appreciated by Forbes Magazines and Papillon Noir and receives many good comments on TripAdvisor.com. Each performance is a unique fashion work with a combination of classicality and modernity.

At the New Year moment, the sky will be lightening with fireworks performances. The space in this time will be stirred up with the street styles of dance and makeup performed by local people and tourists. Besides, there are many Vietnamese and international artistic performances as well as the lucky lottery program which will give travelers a new and exciting emotion.

Also, at 21:00 on Dec.31st, the international tourist No.1.7 million to Quangnam will be welcomed at the main stage. And at 8:00 on Jan.1st, at Japanese Bridge, the first  visitor to Hoi An Ancient Town will be greeted.

For more information, please contact:

Permanent Agency, Hoi An Culture and Sports Center

Address: Hoai River Square, No. 01 Cao Hong Lanh St, Hoi An

Phone: (0510) 3861327, 0917158274 (Mrs. My Suong)

Email: ttvhtt@dng.vnn.vn

www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn; www.hoianancienttown.vn