Heritage Trees in Cham Island

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(QNO) - Vietnam Heritage Tree Council has approved and recognized three new species of trees as heritage trees in Hon Lao (Cham Island, Hoi An). They consist of 3 red sycamore trees, one nánh tree and a pod tree. All of them are over 100 years old.

Reportedly, the scientific name of the sycamores in Cham Island is red – orange Firmiana colorata R. Br. Their bark is gray and rough with cracks along the body. Their leaves are both a whole and propeller. All the leaves will fall off before blooming. Floral cups are tubular and downy; the petal is serrated.

The species of sycamore in Cham Island is different from those in Hue, where light yellow or purple flowers are found. Red-flower sycamores are scattered on the island from a height of 50 - 500 m, mainly in the western slope. The trees begin to shed their leaves in May and endure to the end of June before flowering in July and August. In September, the sycamores are in bud and fruit in October when the dry season ends. The local residents use sycamore’s bark to knit hammock, their seeds as delicious food.

Simultaneously, 14 other floral species across the country have also been recognized as heritage trees in this time.