Hoi An city says "NO" to smoking in public places


(QNO) - 100 percent of Hoi An city’s civil servants will not smoke in the offices and public places. It is the aim of the city Party committee’s instruction No.03-CT/TU dated on April 11th to prevent the evils of smoking. In addition, Hoi An authorities also ask no-smoking of the city’s inhabitants in weddings, funerals, cultural events, festivals, community activities, etc.

Hoi An- a smokeless tourism city (VTV.vn)
Hoi An- a smokeless tourism city (VTV.vn)

According to Secretary of Hoi An city Party Committee Kieu Cu, the program “Smokeless tourism city” was launched in 2011 but it has not been as successful as expected. Approximately 500 party members and civil servants in the ages of 25-35 still smoke in their offices and public places, reported from the Hoi An Health Department, though the number has been down over 29 percent since 2011.

Reportedly, Hoi An is the first place to say “no” to envelopes and where biking to work has been encouraged.