Hoi An: stimulating tourism demand through industry and handicraft


(QNO) - The progress of industry and handicraft in Hoi An city contributes to the local tourism development.

Developing tourism via the products of industry and  handicraft in Hoi An.
Developing tourism via the products of industry and handicraft in Hoi An.

Hoi An has many advantages to develop tourism- the local vital economic sector. The development of industry and  handicraft has been carefully researched and closely controlled in harmony with ecological environment.

The cluster of Thanh Ha industry-service-urban was put into operation and filled about 70% of the total area. 8 among 14 businesses in Hoi An are in Thanh Ha complex. In 2010, the value of the industry and handicraft products got only 258.5 billion VND.  In 2014, this value was 562 billion VND (an increase of 217%). Estimatedly, it will be 592 billion VND in 2015. This is a very strong effort of Hoi An.
The structure of Hoi An’s industry and handicraft products is very diversified including carpentry, wine, pure water, embroidery, garment, sedge mat, lantern… Many businesses are on large scale such as: Hoa Tho Textile-Garment Join Stock Corporation (570 employees), Cam Ha Join Stock Company (140 employees), Viet Duc Carpentry enterprise (180 employees)…

Hoi An is not only a destination for sightseeing but also a place to discover, especially craft villages where tourists can explore and understand Hoi An city’s cultural and historical features. Miss Nguyen Ngoc Phuong, a tourist from Da Lat city shared: “I visit Hoi An to enjoy the streets flooding with lanterns’ dim light at night, ride bicycle to learn about special characters in Thanh Ha pottery village or Kim Bong carpentry village. The craft villages in Hoi An  are very interesting”.

Hoi An tourism’s trade name will be more paid special attention by many programmes of Hoi An tourism demand stimulation attached to handicraft products deployed in 2015 such as: “ free garment souvenirs to tourists”, “Hoi An Wood Festival”, “Hoi An ancient town’s night”, “Lantern Festival”. Mrs Dinh Thi Thu Thuy- Head of Hoi An city’s department of  trade-service said that: “The city’s industrial and handicraft products closely link with the sectors of tourism-service. It plays an important role in contributing to stimulating demand in tourism, creates new points for tourists to Hoi An”.