Hoi An style lanterns, Bai Choi and Quang noodle to be introduced in Germany


(QNO) - To carry out the twinned programme between Hoi An Ancient Town and Wernigerode Ancient City  (Sachsen Anhalt  state, Germany),  the Lampionsfest - Việt Nam zu Gast in Wernigerode - Hoi An Lantern festival will be held on 21st -28th July 2013 at the Wernigerode Central Square, with many Hoi An’s cultural, cuisine and tourist activities.
Bai Choi Hoi An
Bai Choi Hoi An

According to Mr Vo Phung, Director of the Hoi An  Cultural and Sports Center, In one week, a group of craft artisans, chefs and folk-artists will display local specialties and perform many Hoi A trade mark ‘s unique art programme in the twinned city of Wernigerode. The festival content consists of decorating and displaying  1,000 Hoi An style white, red and yellow lanterns with various sizes in the streets; displaying the method of making lanterns, express - dressmaking, wood engraving mask, making dolls, selling masks  and calligraphy.

At the Wernigerode Central Square, before and after the official opening ceremony, the Hoi An cuisine stalls will introduction some specialties such Cao Lau (Hoi An noodle), Quang noodle and Vietnamese traditional folk-games... Especially, 5 Hoi An’s artists of the traditional Bai Choi musical group will perform to serve visitors. According to the Wernigerode Ancient City, the Sachsen Anhalt  state’s  Governor, Vietnam Ambassador to Germany in Berlin, many German politicians and travel companies’ leaders  will participate this event.By DOAN HOANG