Hoi An's old wells conservation


(QNO) - On January 28th, Hoi An City People’s Committee (Quang Nam) said that they assigned  Hoi An City Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation to remodeling and restoring some old wells in Minh An and Cam Pho wards in 2015.

There  are 8 old wells to be repaired and restored because they are in ruins, hidden or encroached… They are next to Nguyen Tuong house of worship, before the house at 685 Hai Ba Trung Street, 96 Nguyen Thai Hoc, in the Kazik park, Ong Voi (Mr.  Elephant) communal house, the dead souls’ temple, Van Thanh temple, Tin Nghia temple.

These are among nearly 80 old wells dating back to 400 – 500 years. They were built by primitive techniques, Cham people’s  experiences of Feng shui and selecting the location (along the De Vong river or the ancient town center) to make wells’ water pure and clean.

According to Mr. Nguyen Chi Trung, the director of Hoi An City Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation, the old well relics system has the values of culture, spirit, belief and activities, especially those in a trade port. It is a typical relic type of the world cultural heritage.