Indonesian troupe wins the Grand Prize of the 4th International Choir Competition


(QNO) - After three days of performance, the 4th International Vietnam Choir Competition 2015 (4th IVCC 2015- hosted by the German Interkultur and the city of Hoi An, Quang Nam province) was closed successfully in the afternoon of 2nd May 2015.

Street performance of the Malaysian Choir troupe
Street performance of the Malaysian Choir troupe.

The significant musical competition attracted the participation of nearly 1,500 artists of 40 choirs troupes from 15 countries and territories worldwide.

In the  awards ceremony, the 4th IVCC’s Organising Board  presented 41 gold medals and 12 silver medals to outstanding choirs of 13 events in six categories: male choir, female choir, mixed choir, chamber choir, sacred choir and folklore choir.

9 troupes of Indonesia participated and won many prizes and the Choir troupe PSM Unpar Tabela Harati won the Grand Prize “Hoi An Choir Prize” of the 4th IVCC 2015. Four Vietnamese choirs took part in the competition and won three gold medals and one silver. The Hoi An choirs troupe was awarded the silver medal.

The “Hoi An Choir Prize” presented Indonesian choir troupe.
The “Hoi An Choir Prize” presented Indonesian choir troupe.

After the awards ceremony, international troupes in their traditional costumes took part in a parade and musical performance through main streets of Hoi An and were warmly welcomed by  many locals and tourists.

“The 4th IVCC is not only a chance for musical exchange, enhancing the cultural understanding between the peoples and strengthening the international  friendship, solidarity and cooperation, but also promoting and introducing the people, images and beautiful landscapes of Hoi An city to  international friends…”, said Mr Vo Phung, Director of the Center for Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoi An city.

The 5th  competition will be organized in Russia in 2016.