Industrial clusters in Dai Loc


(QNO) - The construction of two industrial clusters (My An 2 and Hamlet 5) in Dai Quang and Dai Nghia communes, Dai Loc district was licensed on June 23 by the Quang Nam provincial People’s Committee. They are adjoining each other.

An ethanol plant in Dai Loc.
An ethanol plant in Dai Loc.

The My An 2 and Hamlet 5 are 13.3ha and 20.5ha in area respectively. They focus on the industries that are suitable for the local raw materials and limit environmental pollution effects, including mineral processing, building materials production, mechanics, agroforestry products processing, electricity- electronics, garment- leather and footwear, etc.

These industrial clusters are built with the support of the state budget, loans and investment capital from related individuals and organizations. The Centre for Industrial - Commercial Clusters and Services Development of Dai Loc district has been appointed to be responsible for their infrastructures. The Department of Industry and Trade is charged to supervise the construction.