International Food Festival in Hoi An city

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(QNO) - The Hoi An International Food Festival will open at An Hoi Sculpture Garden at 19:30 on March 14th, 2016. Besides Hoi An Sculpture Garden, the festival also will take place in Hoi An ancient town and Nguyen Phuc Lam street until March 20th, 2016. This is a part of tourism stimulus programme in 2016 of Hoi An city.

Japanese bridge in Hoi An city. Picture (intercontinentalgardener)
Japanese bridge in Hoi An city. Picture (intercontinentalgardener)

The festival consists of an exchange between 13 chefs of Hoi An city and 13 world famous chefs, performances and experiences of how to make Hoi An traditional cakes, food enjoyment with international chefs, Hoi An traditional food presentation and services.