Italian archaeologist Federico Barocco in Quang Nam


(QNO) - For Federico Barocco, each debris found deep in the ground is a mosaic in the multi-coloured cultural picture of each region.  He graduated from Rome university (Italia), specializing in east asian archaeology. Then, he studied far eastern history and archaeology in Bejing university (China).Federico Barocco (right) in Hoi An ancient town.Rico has spent over 15 years in many places in Viet Nam; but My Son, Khuong My, Chien Dan, and Hoi An took him the longest time. Federico Barocco is briefly called Rico by his Vietnamese friends. Now, he is staying at Hoi An ancient town (Quang Nam province) with his family, opening a western style restaurant, continuing his archaeological and conservational work. He speaks Vietnamese rather fluently.Rico first came to Vietnam  when he was 27, after completing his archaeological work in Laos and Myanmar. He took part in the restoration project of the tower group G in My Son Sanctuary funded by the Italian Lerici Foundation. The vestiges of time traced deeply in the ancient town were a miracle to him. “The architecture and sculpture in My Son Sanctuary have special beauties, reflecting  the interference between various cultures. The towers have  their specific lives, customs, rites; and there are further secret things in that valley”, Rico shared.Rico said that Hoi An is crowded without grossness and jumble. Its peacefulness and tranquility are attractive to tourists and keep them stay there. Its ancientry with a rich culture is seen as a “respect for the relic”.According to Rico, the primitive state of the relics should be maintained as much as possible when they are conserved and restored. Each relic contains a secret cultural treasure which is  more and more exciting as being discovered. So, Rico and his coworkers usually show consideration for each debris. In 2016, the Lerici Foundation  will cooperate with Quang Nam province in opening a center for vocational training and cultural heritage reservation and restoration where Federico Barocco is a teacher. Rico said the most important thing in the conservation and restoration is the transmission of experience and knowledge to the next generation. As a result, the relics will be kept longer.By SONG ANH