Japan helps to build a flood warning system in Quang Nam mountainous regions


(QNO) - A group of experts from Waseda University of Japan and Post and Telecommunications University of Vietnam visited South Tra My district (Quang Nam province) for two days (17-18 July 2014), surveying the conditions to set up a flood warning system (FWS) .

The Japanese experts and their partners decided to place the FWS in Ta Rau hamlet (Tra Mai commune). This FWS is controlled by modern technology and included 3 rate and water channel flow sensors, a server system to collect all data recorded by the sensors. After processing all the data, the FWS will issue a flood warning information to general public.

In addition, Japan will build a Hydro-meteorological station at the riverhead of Nuoc Ui river to collect information about weather changes.

Ta Rau hamlet is located at the intersection of two rivers Nuoc Ui and Nuoc Pieu; therefore, it is very dangerous when having strong flood.