JICA (Japan) continues to support economic development in Quang Nam


(QNO) - On July 25, the Quang Nam union of friendship organizations had a meeting with the officials of Minamiboso city (Japan) for deploying the project “Local economic development by stepping up the process, creating trade names and distributing agricultural products, arts and crafts items with starting-points of road rest-stops” - Mr Kato Fumio, head of JICA project, attended the meeting .

According to Minamiboso city officials’s evaluation, since May 201, the local economic development project has many positive signs, creating credibility and attracting a lot of customers. A number of constituents as: the fresh-vegetables shop of My Hung co-operative, agricultural dryer of Binh Sa agricultural co-operative (Thang Binh), supporting equipments for Tien Phuoc agarwood craft village, introducing and promoting the Quang Nam’s tourism and cultural potentials in the farming stores of Binh An rest-stop  (Thang Binh)…  have progressed positively.

The next stage of the project was planned detailedly based on the discussions and experience exchanges so as to continue to receive the financial support from JICA, help to better Quang Nam people's life.