Leaders of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Incorporation visit Quang Nam

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(QNO) - The leaders of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (USA) had a working visit to Quang Nam province for the high technology silk project.

The meeting of KBL’s and Quang Nam’s leaders
The meeting of KBL’s and Quang Nam’s leaders

At the meeting with Quang Nam’s leaders, Chief Executive Officer of Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (KBL) Kim. K. Thompson talked about their success in breeding new transgenic silkworms that can make silk with high quality and durability. It is environmentally safe and friendly, has highly comparative and economic values. Therefore, KBL is searching for a suitable place to develop their production to meet the increasing demands of the US and other countries in the world. Quang Nam province is especially chosen for this project with an area of about 2000ha.

The project will build a 200ha research center. The rest area will be delivered to the farmers who plant mulberry, raise silkworms and provide KBL with high quality cocoons. The company is also responsible for training workforce to ensure the quantity and quality for the project, creating jobs and stable incomes for the participants in the project.

To Quang Nam, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Dinh Van Thu acclaimed the project because it is really significant to the province in the traditional sericulture recovery. He also confirmed that Quang Nam will cooperate and support KBL to carry out the project.

On behalf of KBL, Mr. Kim K. Thompson thanked Quang Nam’s leaders and agencies. He also committed to accelerating the investment procedures so that the project can come into operation soon.

The delegation also made a survey in some traditional sericulture villages of Duy Xuyen district on the same day.

By ipaquangnam.gov.vn