Mai Thanh Chuong's Gold Medal from FIAP "Balkan Circuit 2015"


(QNO) – The result of the 1st circuit of the International Photo Contest “Balkan Circuit 2015” held by Kula Photo Club (Serbia) in 3 countries Serbia, Montennegro, Bosnia &Herzegoviahas just been announced. Photographer Mai Thanh Chuong (Hoi An city) won the FIAP Gold Medal for the “red-shanked douc” (Natural section) at Salon Tuzla(Bosnia & Herzegovina Republic).

The gold-medal work “red-shanked douc”
The gold-medal work “red-shanked douc”

He also received an honorary degreeo of Salo Tuzla for “The Terraces”. In this contest, Mai Thanh Chuong is the only Vietnamese photographer to get award. His works will be exhibited in Tuzlafrom 19 - 26 December, 2015.

There were 379 photographers from 61 countries around the world participating in the sections: people of the world (colored or white and black photos), and nature (color or monochrome photos).