Many Japanese investors expect to co-operate with Quang Nam

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(QNO) - According to the report of Quang Nam province People’s Committee sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the “Vietnam days in Japan”, some Japanese investors such as Fujita company, Kajima company. TTM Group, Toyota Group…have promoted to exchange information and expected to invest and co-operate with Chu Lai Open Economic Zone. In which, Hokugan Company, Ltd. is studying an investment project of building an aquatic products processing plant (20 million USD of investment capital) in the model of combining with local authority to exploit raw material for production.

Quang Nam has attracted 47.5 million USD of 4FDI projects  from Japanese investors: Inax Company, Ltd., Cau Vang Company,Ltd., Viet-Nhat minerals processing plant, Vina-Mazda automobile production plant (Truong Hai Auto company is investor) - a technology transference project with 36,5 million USD of total capital.