Marine Cultural Museum


(QNO) - Recently, 500 among the total of 250,000 antiques from a wrecked ship in the sea of Cham island have been exhibited at Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province by Doan Anh Duong Company. This event attracted many researchers, local residents and tourists.

An antique from the wrecked ship in Cham island.
An antique from the wrecked ship in Cham island.

Diversified types

These 500 antiques’ types are diversifìed  including kendy pots, censers, sphere-shaped crocks, bowls and plates, cups, boxes, vases, Ty Ba pots… The dishes are colorful with the pictures of animals, leaves, plants, landscapes, flowers and Han script. These patterns are also found in the covers of the compacts white-, colour- or adularescent-enameled.

The ship is suggested to be wrecked off Cham island 5-6 centuries ago and was excavated by archaeologists from May 1997-June1999. This ship is 29.4m-long, 7.2m-wide and at a depth of 70-72m. The porcelain and pottery in the ship are from Vietnam’s famous kilns in Chu Dau-Hai Duong.

Need to bring into place objects’ value

According to scientists, the designs of the porcelain and pottery wrecked off Cham island contribute to show Vietnamese cultural features  and history in the 15th century lively and truly. They are considered as an evidence of the period of artistic peak development in Vietnamese traditional porcelain and pottery production. More importantly, they are a forceful evidence of ebullient and busy period of porcelain and pottery route- a Western - Eastern trade route in Vietnam’s East sea.

“The wrecked ship off Cham Island has been excavated, researched two times and become a famous under- water archaeological relic inside and ouside our country. So, it needs to be popularized”, said artist Nguyen Thuong Hy, who took part into this excavation.

Reportedly, many antiques among 250,000 items  have been kept in domestic musems. Some of them was auctioned off to America in 2000. 500 objects exhibited this time are from Doan Anh Duong Company which also took part in the excavation.  

According to Doan Sung – Chairman of the board of directors of Doan Anh Duong company,  because of the importance of these antiques, his company was agreed by Hoi An city to research and build a marine cultural heritage musem in general and the wrecked ships in particular in this island.