Marine turtles conservation at Cham Islands MPA


(QNO) - Hoi An People’s Committee has promulgated a plan to preserve and restore the marine turtles at the Cham Islands MPA.

According to the plan, such strictly protected islands as Bai Bac, Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon La and other places located in the Northeastern area of the Cham Islands MPA are chosen to be the habitats and breeding grounds of the sea turtles from now until 2025.

Specifically, at least 10 turtle nests will be moved from Con Dao National Park to Cham Islands MPA in every June or July. The task will last in 3 years with about 3000 eggs transferred. A rescue and conservation station will also be established to minimize the bad effects and lethal causes to the sea turtles.

Cham Islands is known as the habitat of  sea turtles  thanks to its ecosystems of coral reefs, sea grass, and 9 sand beaches. In the past few years, 14 sea turtles have been released into Cham Islands. This is also the first place to preserve sea turtles by transposition.  

The Cham Islands MPA is  planned to be a sea turtle conservation centre in Central Vietnam. This contributes to the national action plan on marine turtle conservation until 2020, as well as international commitments on marine turtle conservation of which Vietnam is a member.