Mobilization of foreign NGOs' aid in Quang Nam province


(QNO) - A review conference on the Mobilization of Foreign Non-governmental Aid in the period 2010-2015 and the orientation of 2016-2020 was held on 2nd June by Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee.

In the period of 2010-2015, to meet the specific demands of the localities and the criteria of foreign organizations, the province has been taking the initiative in mobilizing aids from foreign non-governmental organizations (foreign NGOs) by various ways. For instance, “Cabinet of Project Opportunities” is created to provide hundreds of projects for foreign NGOs. Those projects are worth from tens of thousands of dollars to 500 thousand dollars.

The province also maintains regular contacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the  Foreign NGOs Committee, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations to get information and opportunities to mobilize foreign NGOs’ aids.

So far, 89 foreign NGOs have been licensed to work in Quang Nam. The province has received 558 aid projects and non-projects with over 57 million USD. The aids have helped the province develop its socio-economy and improve the locals’ living conditions.

In the period of 2016-2020, the province intends to increase the aid values of foreign NGOs, strengthen aid mobilization to FDI companies. Besides, the projects contributing to the Government Resolution No. 30a implementation, the socio-economic development in mountainous areas, and the vocational training are preferential to do aid mobilization.

Also at the conference, 15 teams were awarded certificates of merit for excellent achievements in the mobilization, management, and utilization of foreign NGOs’ aids in the province.