Models adapting to climate change

By A.T |

(QNO) - A seminar to summarize the models adapting to climate change in Quang Nam province was co-organized by Denmark Embassy in Vietnam, Ministry of Resource and Environment of Vietnam and the Quang Nam People’s Committee on November 26th.

Quang Nam is one of two Vietnam’s provinces chosen as  model places to carry out strategies adapting to climate change. In the past 5 years, 25 piloted models  were done in 11 districts, towns, cities  in the province such as planting mangrove forests, building flood resistant houses, dykes against salt and waterlogging… with the total expenditure of 134 billion VND. These models brought  practical effects in adapting to climate change, improving the plants productivity and bettering the locals’ means of subsistence…

Also in this seminar, the orientation of climate change adaption in the period 2016-2020 was defined, including a continuous update on the climate change and sea level rise scenarios for localities nationwide. Development strategies, programmes and plans of each field and sector related to climate change  also need adjusting.   It is necessary to more invest into natural disaster forecast and warning, strengthen technology researches; raise people’s awareness of exploitation and effective use of  natural resources, especially water resource.

By A.T