More fresh vegetable for Tam Ky city

By Kim Bao |

(QNO) - With the support from JICA Foundation (Japan), a fresh vegetable shop has just been opened at the Tam Ky Commercial Center (Tam Ky city). Mr Kato Fumio, chief of the JICA project and many leaders of Quang Nam provincial departments attended the opening ceremony. This shop belongs to My Hung Fresh Vegetable Co-operative in Thang Binh  district.

People in Tam Ky city has another chance to buy fresh vegetable
People in Tam Ky city has another chance to buy fresh vegetable.

On 5 ha of  specializing vegetable cultivation, the average annual yield reaches 340 tons. Many enterprises in Quang Nam province have signed buying contracts with My Hung Co-operative. In near future, My Hung Co-operative will set up some other  fresh vegetable shops at central markets and supermarkets in Tam Ky city and supply directly to its customers in some districts.

Reportedly, in December 2013, My Hung Fresh Vegetable trade mark was given “VietGAP” standard certificate  and “Golden Medal of Vietnamese Quality Standard”.

By Kim Bao